Press Release: Red Fawn Fallis’ Motions Hearing

Unlawful Arrest Targeting Protected Speech Bismarck, ND: Red Fawn Fallis appeared in federal District Court here today, where her attorneys argued Motions to Suppress in front of Chief Judge Daniel Hovland. Today’s hearing was the continuation from a full day of testimony on Friday December 8. Defense attorneys assert that law enforcement had no probable Read More

Decolonize Thanksgiving with a Gift to Water Protector Legal Collective

Dear Relatives, For so many of us, Thanksgiving is a symbol of the violence and stolen land that this country was built upon. Water Protector Legal Collective (WPLC) is asking you – our community – to acknowledge and honor that history by standing with us against colonialism and in solidarity with the hundreds of Water Read More

One Year Since the Battle of Backwater Bridge

Today we mark the anniversary of one of the most shameful and extreme incidents of police violence at Standing Rock. We watched in disbelief and horror as a highly militarized police force turned water cannons and fire hoses on Water Protectors in sub-freezing temperatures, launched explosive grenades and fired rubber or plastic bullets and other Read More

Court Update: Motions Argued on Behalf of Water Protector Arrested Oct 17 2016

A Lakota Sioux man from Standing Rock who was arrested on 10/27/16 while peacefully protesting against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline next to his home appeared in court today. He is presently charged with Engaging in a Riot and Causing a Public Nuisance. His attorney argued the following motions in court before Judge Read More

Press Release: Appellate Court Ruling in Standing Rock Police Violence Lawsuit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 14, 2017 Contact: Lead attorney in Dundon: Rachel Lederman, [email protected], (415) 350-6496 WPLC Executive Director: Terry Janis, [email protected], (701) 425-7080 Appellate Court Ruling in Standing Rock Police Violence Lawsuit No Preliminary Injunction: Case Moves Toward Trial Bismarck, ND: The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals declined to overrule a district court decision Read More

Court Update: More Dismissals for Water Protectors

Court Update: November 14, 2017 Three Water Protectors arrested on October 10, 2016 appeared in Morton County Criminal Court before Judge Haskell yesterday, November 13th, for a hearing on their attorneys’ motions to dismiss for want of probable cause. They were arrested while praying on an unmarked construction site, on a federal holiday during which Read More

The Intercept: Oil and Water Part 8

The Battle of Treaty Camp Law Enforcement Descended On Standing Rock A Year Ago And Changed the DAPL Fight Forever One year ago today, on October 27, 2016, hundreds of law enforcement officers descended on a small resistance camp that stood directly in the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline, forcibly evicting residents and arresting Read More

Democracy Now: Standing Rock: Judge Sentences 2 Water Protectors to Jail Time

And in North Dakota, a judge has sentenced two water protectors to jail time after they were convicted on misdemeanor charges over an October 2016 protest at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access pipeline. Twenty-seven-year-old Alexander Simon was sentenced to serve 18 days in jail for obstruction of a government function, while 64-year-old Mary Redway was sentenced to six days in jail for disorderly conduct.

Judge Merrick Finds Two Water Protectors Guilty for First Amendment Activity

For Immediate Release: Judge Merrick finds two Water Protectors guilty for first amendment activity Mary Redway and Alexander Simon are the first two Water Protectors to receive a sentence of jail time for any protest-related misdemeanor conviction. This happened after the State’s Attorney recommended no jail time. The initial charges the two faced were dismissed Read More

Three Water Protectors Acquitted of All Charges

For Immediate Release: Three Water Protectors Acquitted of All Charges Morton County- The five charges included criminal trespass, engaging in a riot, obstruction of a governmental function, disobedience of a public safety order during riot conditions, and disorderly conduct. Defendants maintained they were engaged in lawful activity and the State had insufficient evidence to prove Read More

Paper: Society of Indian Psychologists

The Society of Indian Psychologists (SIP) Educational Paper Regarding the Use of Counterterrorism Tactics on Native Peoples and Allies We, the Society of Indian Psychologists and our allies, oppose the use of counterterrorism tactics primarily targeting Native American peoples and supporting allies on historical and current tribal lands without regard to their rights as citizens Read More

BT: Hundreds oppose ending DAPL legal provisions

From coast to coast and across the world, comments have streamed into the North Dakota Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, almost all opposing a judges’ petition to end legal provisions for out-of-state attorneys assisting cases related to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Supreme Court Clerk Penny Miller said her office had received 244 comments by Monday morning, Read More

Inforum: LaDuke: Allowing out-of-state representation for water protectors is the right call

LaDuke: Allowing out-of-state representation for water protectors is the right call North Dakota remains in the international spotlight since last year’s battle over the Dakota Access Pipeline. The North Dakota Supreme Court is currently reconsidering the allowance of pro hac vice, i.e. allowing out-of-state attorneys to defend water protectors. What the court decides, and how Read More

WPLC Response in Opposition to the Petition to Terminate the Special Provision of Legal Services by Qualified Attorneys From Outside ND

Response in Opposition to the Petition to Terminate the Special Provision of Legal Services by Qualified Attorneys From Outside North Dakota The Petition Submitted to Terminate the Special Provision of Legal Services by Qualified Attorneys from Outside North Dakota (Petition to Terminate) was submitted by Judges of the South Central District on September 11, 2017. Read More

The Intercept: Oil and Water Part 7

Police Used Private Security Aircraft for Surveillance in Standing Rock No-Fly Zone The FAA’s no-fly zone barred indigenous drone pilots from documenting the NoDAPL struggle, but private security aircraft continued surveillance. AT THE HEIGHT of the movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline’s construction last fall, the Federal Aviation Administration imposed a rare “temporary flight restriction,” Read More