This page has resources for anyone traveling to or camping at Standing Rock

If you have been arrested at Standing Rock, you can find the resources and news you need on the For Arrestees page

If You Are Approached by Law Enforcement

If you are approached by law enforcement during or after your time at Standing Rock, we strongly encourage you to refuse to answer any questions, no matter how innocent they may seem. Nobody is required to answer questions from law enforcement and doing so can harm you or others. If you have a pending criminal charge, it is very important that you not speak about your case to anyone but your attorney.

We encourage everyone to read “If an Agent Knocks” for information about how to protect yourselves and others. All Water Protectors should inform their attorney or the WPLC at (605) 519-8180 if they are contacted by authorities in relation to water protection activities.

Learn about your rights and get tips for interacting with law enforcement

Grand Jury Resources

The WPLC confirms that a federal grand jury has been convened in North Dakota in relation to water protectors. Grand juries have historically been used to target resistance movements and create political prisoners. WPLC is offering camp-wide grand jury resistance education. Please contact us at (605) 519-8180 if you have been contacted by federal authorities or have been served with a subpoena related to water protection activities.

For more information, visit our Grand Jury Resistance page

Have you been pulled over by police or given a fine for bringing goods/deliveries to Standing Rock? Email the ACLU: [email protected]

Resources for Challenging Traffic Tickets

Unfortunately, due to limited resources and the limited number of attorneys licensed in North Dakota that are available to represent people, the Water Protector legal Collective is unable to offer representation for traffic ticket violations. However, we have compiled information on how you can challenge a traffic ticket yourself, here.

Know Your Rights

Even if you are not a documented American citizen, you have constitutional rights, including the right to free speech and the right to remain silent

Learn about your rights and get tips for interacting with law enforcement

Important Numbers:

Arrests/Jail Support Hotline: (605) 519-8180

Civil Rights and Legal Support Hotline:  (701) 595-0737

Morton County Court: (701) 667-3357
Morton County Correctional Facility: (701) 667-3318

Important Forms and Documents

Application for Public Defender

Tips for Filling Out and Submitting Public Defender Application

Form to apply for logistical support for getting to court dates

Important Announcements

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You can also check our News page for press releases and announcements