Resources for challenging traffic tickets

Unfortunately, due to limited resources and the limited number of North Dakota Licensed Attorneys available to represent people, the Water Protector legal Collective is unable to offer representation for traffic ticket violations. The resources below offer information on how to challenge a traffic ticket.

Traffic Offense Procedure, Fees, and Points
“The first option for the person halted for a noncriminal traffic offense is to not attend a hearing. Under Section 39-06.1-02, a person cited with a noncriminal offense may pay the statutory fee or post bond. If the person pays the fee, the violation is admitted. If the person posts bond for a traffic violation under state law, the bond must be submitted within 14 days of the date of the citation, and the person shall indicate whether a hearing is requested. If the person does not request a hearing within 14 days of the date of the citation, the bond is forfeited and the person admits the violation. If the person requests a hearing, the person may forfeit the bond by not appearing at the time designated. Within 10 days after a forfeiture of bond or payment of the statutory fee, the violation must be certified to the Department of Transportation.

The second option is for the person to attend a hearing. The person has two options at the hearing. The first option is to admit the offense and then explain the person’s actions. The hearing official may waive, reduce, or suspend the statutory fee or bond under this option. However, the person will be assessed the points for the offense. The second option is for the person not to admit the offense and request a hearing on the issue of the commission of the violation charged under Section 39-06.1-03. At the time of the request for the hearing, the person charged must deposit an appearance bond equal to the statutory fee for the violation. If the official finds that the person has committed the traffic violation, the official notifies the Department of Transportation.

The person may appeal from the administrative hearing to the district court for a new trial. If the person is found to have committed the violation, the clerk of court reports that fact to the Department of Transportation. Under Section 39-06.1-04, a person who fails to choose one of the previous methods of addressing a traffic citation is deemed to have admitted to the commission of the violation.”

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