Paper: Society of Indian Psychologists

The Society of Indian Psychologists (SIP) Educational Paper Regarding the Use of Counterterrorism Tactics on Native Peoples and Allies

We, the Society of Indian Psychologists and our allies, oppose the use of counterterrorism tactics primarily targeting Native American peoples and supporting allies on historical and current tribal lands without regard to their rights as citizens of the United States and their rights as humans.

We believe it is important to respond to recent reports on the alleged operations of TigerSwan, a private security company, on behalf of Energy Transfer Partners in relation to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The reports expose leaked internal TigerSwan documents containing derogatory misrepresentations of Natives. We wholeheartedly reject the categorization of a Native American-led movement as “terrorist”, “inherently desperate”, “volatile”, inclined to “riot”, “jihadist” or “violent.” We further reject the same moniker being applied to our allies who came to support a Native American-led cause. We wholeheartedly reject the militarized treatment of un-armed and peaceful Water Protectors, including but not limited to monitoring and surveillance, infiltration, and aggressive “non-lethal actions”.

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