ND State Criminal Cases

There have been a total of 830 no-DAPL state criminal cases.

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Total no-DAPL North Dakota state criminal cases: 830*

Concluded Cases:

Dismissed: 303

Acquitted at trial:  17

Pretrial diversion:  47

Plea agreement:  109

Convicted at trial:  15**

Total concluded cases: 489**


Ongoing Cases:

Open and proceeding to trial:  228

Inactive/warrant status:  111

On appeal to North Dakota Supreme Court:  2**

Total on-going cases: 341


* This is the number of no-DAPL North Dakota state criminal cases that have a separate case number. It may change over time if cases are dismissed due to lack of evidence and then re-charged (with new charges and case numbers) and as appeals are filed. There may be several charges involved in any one case and some people may have more than one case.

** Two guilty convictions are on appeal to the ND Supreme Court (and therefore are not counted as concluded).

Information accurate as of November 24, 2017