ND State Criminal Cases

There have been a total of 832 NoDAPL state criminal cases.

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Total NoDAPL North Dakota state criminal cases: 832*

Concluded Cases:

Dismissed: 316

Acquitted at trial: 20

Pretrial diversion:  95

Plea agreement:  121

Convicted at trial:  13**

Total concluded cases: 565**


Ongoing Cases:

Open and proceeding to trial:  158

Inactive/warrant status:  105

On appeal to North Dakota Supreme Court:  4**

Total on-going cases: 267


* This is the number of NoDAPL North Dakota state criminal cases that have a separate case number. It may change over time if cases are dismissed due to lack of evidence and then re-charged (with new charges and case numbers). There may be several charges involved in any one case and some people may have more than one case.

** Four convictions are on appeal to the ND Supreme Court (and therefore are not counted as concluded).

Information accurate as of March 23, 2018