Know Your Rights – Legal Information Resources

NLG Know Your Rights Booklet

A practical resource from the National Lawyers Guild for people interacting with law enforcement. Know your rights when confronted by FBI agents or the Department of Homeland Security. Includes information for non-citizens and minors. Available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali and Urdu here.

CCR If an Agent Knocks Booklet

Federal law enforcement agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have a dark history of targeting radical and progressive movements. Some of the dirty tricks they use include: the infiltration of organizations to discredit and disrupt their operations; campaigns of misinformation and false stories in the media; forgery of correspondence; fabrication of evidence; and the use of grand jury subpoenas to intimidate activists. The Center for Constitutional Rights created If an Agent Knocks to provide advice to people likely to be targeted by FBI agents or other federal investigators to help you protect yourself and others and to empower you to continue the struggle.  Available in English, Spanish and Arabic here.

SLAPP Lawsuits:

A growing number of corporations, law firms, and individuals are attempting to intimidate activists and public watchdogs with a range of repressive tactics, notably “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” (SLAPPs). The Anti-SLAPP Task Force provides expert support to the targets of SLAPPs. Learn more on their website, and in An Activist’s Guide: Reducing Exposure to SLAPP Lawsuits.

Immigration & Border Regions:

The National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild and Mijente have produced several useful tools, including:

In Defense of Organizing: Federal Investigations and Prosecutions – English

En defensa de la organización politíca – Investigaciones y Procesamientos Federales – español

(See below for digital security at borders)

Grand Jury Resistance:

Grand juries have historically been used to target resistance movements and create political prisoners.

Grand Jury Resistance Project

What You Should Know About Grand Juries

Dealing with Grand Juries by CLDC

WPLC press release about Standing Rock grand jury resister Steve Martinez

The Strange Success of Grand Jury Resistance – article on grand jury resister Jerry Koch

Grand Jury Training: by Midnight Special Law Collective

Grand Juries and Past Liberation Struggles from Freedom Archives

How to Set up a Legal Support Fund:

Raising money for bail and legal support expenses is an important part of planning for legal support – but there is a lot to think about in advance to be sure your funds are allocated in the way your community intends. National Lawyers Guild and the National Bail Fund Network have put together this guide to help you through the process:

Best Practices Guide to Setting up a Legal Support Fund

Digital Security:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has extensive information about all things electronic privacy, including several tools available:

Surveillance Self-Defense: Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications

Digital Privacy at the U.S. Border: Protecting the Data On Your Devices – English

Privacidad digital en la frontera de Estados Unidos: Protección de los datos en sus dispositivos y en la nube – español

Tactical Technology Collective’s Me and My Shadow website helps you control your data traces (including on social media), see how you’re being tracked, and learn more about the data industry. Includes the Data Detox guide  to help you reduce your data trail in a manageable way.

Data Detox – English

Data Detox – español

More Resources:

Tilted Scales Collective publishes the Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant, which includes helpful information for anyone who has been arrested and is facing trial or who is organizing a support committee or providing other support to a political prisoner. For a free zine or to order the book, visit their website here.

CrimethInc has several resources on their website, including If the FBI Approaches You to Become an Informant, and Talking to the Media – Avoiding Pitfalls.

Civil Liberties Defense Center has Know Your Rights materials and information.

The  website provides an in-depth look at global mass surveillance and the tools available to help protect your privacy.

US Protest Law Tracker follows and initiatives at the state and federal level since November 2016 that restrict the right to protest.