Know Your Rights Materials

NLG Know Your Rights Booklet

A practical resource from the National Lawyers Guild for people interacting with law enforcement. Know your rights when confronted by FBI agents or the Department of Homeland Security. Includes information for non-citizens and minors. Read and download here.

CCR If an Agent Knocks Booklet

Federal law enforcement agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have a dark history of targeting radical and progressive movements. Some of the dirty tricks they use against these movements include: the infiltration of organizations to discredit and disrupt their operations; campaigns of misinformation and false stories in the media; forgery of correspondence; fabrication of evidence; and the use of grand jury subpoenas to intimidate activists. Today’s activist must know and understand the threat posed by federal law enforcement agents and their tactics as well as several key security practices that offer the best protection.

The Center for Constitutional Rights created If an Agent Knocks to provide advice to people likely to be targeted by FBI agents or other federal investigators. This guide should be seen as a resource for the information needed to protect yourself and others from government investigation and to empower you to continue the struggle.

Get the booklet here.

CLDC Resources

The Civil Liberties Defense Center also has several resources:

PDF of Know Your Rights pamphlet

Read the contents of the Know Your Rights overview pamphlet (screen reader compatible).

PDF of a slideshow from a Know Your Rights training