Grand Jury Resistance

On or around December 3rd, 2016 a Water Protector at Oceti Sakowin received a summons to appear before a federal grand jury that has been convened in relation to the resistance of water protectors.

People stand outside the federal building in North Dakota. They are holding a banner that says "Water Protectors Resist the Grand Jury."Grand juries have a long history of being used to target those in resistance to the state and engaged in political or revolutionary movements. The purpose of this grand jury and all grand juries that target activists is to cause division, manufacture prisoners of war, and to create paranoia and suspicion among comrades. We will not be intimidated and resistance to this is only strengthening our resolve to kill this black snake and all the others.
Water Protectors stand in resistance to this grand jury and all tools of state repression, be it on the ground through Morton County’s violent tactics or in the shrouded secrecy of a grand jury courtroom.

Water Protectors from across the camps are actively organizing resistance to this grand jury. Camp-wide education efforts are already underway, as well as reaching out through our networks of solidarity that know no borders in order to spread the word.

If you have been contacted by federal law enforcement, or have been served with a subpoena related to water protector activities or the resistance at Standing Rock, please contact the Water Protector Legal Collective immediately. Grand juries rely on the isolation and fear that can come with a subpoena. The first step of resistance is seeking solidarity and support!


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