For Arrestees

Important resources for anyone who was arrested at Standing Rock

For the latest updates and news please visit our Arrestee Updates page.

You can also get updates on our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

If you need a lawyer for a non-DAPL arrest

WPLC provided legal support to people involved in the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance at Standing Rock. If you need a North Dakota lawyer for a different reason but cannot afford to hire one, you may be entitled to a public defender. To apply for a public defender, click here to to get a Public Defender Application Form.

Once you have filled out and signed your form, you can either scan it and email it to the Morton County Clerk at [email protected], or mail it to:

Clerk of Court
210 2nd Ave NW
Mandan, ND 58554

Don’t be intimidated by the application! Get tips on filling it out here.

Look up information about your case

Use the North Dakota Courts Records Inquiry to look up important information about your case, like court calendars and case documents and records. (Click on the “Select a Location” menu, then click on “Morton County,” then select “Criminal/Traffic.” Enter your name on the page that comes up to find your case.)

If you have been contacted about a grand jury

WPLC confirms that a federal grand jury was convened in North Dakota in relation to Water Protectors. Grand juries have historically been used to target resistance movements and create political prisoners.

Please contact us at [email protected] f you have been contacted by federal authorities or have been served with a subpoena related to Water Protector activities. We have experienced lawyers who can assist you at no cost to you.

For more information, visit our Grand Jury Resistance page.