Case Updates and Upcoming Cases

We want anyone who would like to come and respectfully support Water Protectors at their hearings or know which cases are upcoming to check here July upcoming cases. Note that some may get dismissed between now and these dates and you can check on the court’s website here for the most current information:

We are continuing to see cases be dismissed where there is no arresting officer or where there is lacking evidence.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have a misdemeanor warrant and would like it to be quashed we can represent you and file to get it quashed. If you have a felony warrant as well we can represent you and be with you at an appearance on the warrant. Please call 701-566-9108.

If you have outstanding DAPL related expenses, fines, are a Water Protector and need travel assistance or housing for your court dates please contact the Freshet Collective at 701-301-7511.

Court Schedule