FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 13, 2017 Water Protector Legal Collective Warrants The Water Protector Legal Collective would like to help answer questions and resolve warrants for those Water Protectors who have been issued warrants in North Dakota. Approximately 126 warrants have been issued on original cases filed where Water Protectors do not have legal representation yet Read More

Prolific the Rapper Found Not Guilty

OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 25, 2017 Water Protector Legal Collective For more information contact: WPLC Attorney Doug Parr, 405-642-3770 WPLC Media Coordinator Jessica Beheler, [email protected], 701-595-1509 Prolific the Rapper Found Not Guilty Aaron Sean Turgeon, also known as ‘Prolific the Rapper,’ faced three charges today regarding piloting a drone at a NoDapl demonstration site. After 30 Read More

How We Refer Pro Hac Attorneys to Water Protectors

We are now seeing very serious federal charges being filed against Water Protectors in addition to ongoing mass arrests and pending misdemeanor and felony charges in state and tribal courts. Of the 800+ people facing criminal charges, at least 300 do not have counsel. Of the 500 who do have attorneys, some are dissatisfied and Read More

Has Law Enforcement Contacted You?

The WPLC has learned that law enforcement agencies in other states have attempted to contact and interview Water Protectors and allies after they have left Standing Rock. Nobody can be required to answer questions from law enforcement and we strongly recommend that you do not. Water Protectors with open cases should not speak about their Read More

Resources for challenging traffic tickets

Unfortunately, due to limited resources and the limited number of North Dakota Licensed Attorneys available to represent people, the Water Protector legal Collective is unable to offer representation for traffic ticket violations. The resources below offer information on how to challenge a traffic ticket. Traffic Offense Procedure, Fees, and Points “The first option for the Read More

Important Notice Re: January Court Appearances

The court has entered a “Notice of Cancellation” in all cases set for trial during the first two weeks of January. Defendants who receive this notice do not need to appear and will be notified by the court of their next court date. The WPLC Criminal Defense/Court Support team on the ground is working on Read More

The Tilted Scales Collective: The Criminal Legal System for Radicals

The Tilted Scales Collective has released a free zine version from their book, “The Criminal Legal System for Radicals: Setting and Balancing Personal, Political, and Legal Goals.” If you’ve been arrested at Standing Rock, this zine is designed to help you (and anyone who’s been arrested while standing up to the state and corporate interests) Read More

Grand Jury Resistance

On or around December 3rd, 2016 a water protector at Oceti Sakowin received a summons to appear before a federal grand jury that has been convened in relation to the resistance of water protectors. What we know about grand juries is that they have a long history of being used to target those in resistance Read More

Getting a Public Defender

If you need a lawyer but can’t afford to pay, you are entitled to a public defender. To apply for a public defender, use this Public Defender Application Form. Don’t be intimidated by the form! Read this guide for tips on filling it out. Once you have filled out and signed your form, you can Read More